Maxi-Cash’s new brand ambassador is an AI-powered virtual personality

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Singapore pawnbroker Maxi-Cash has tapped into artificial intelligence to create its virtual personality HAILEY K to communicate the brand’s sustainability efforts and connect with its Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

HAILEY K will advocate for sustainability by promoting preloved luxury goods and will educate younger consumers on the intricacies of gold value and trade-ins, according to a statement by the brand. The virtual brand ambassador also dons 916/999 gold and diamond jewellery while providing relevant styling tips to encourage individuals to embrace these precious materials in their wardrobe. 

“Incorporating cutting-edge AI technology into our brand DNA is a testament to one of our core values of embracing innovation. We understand that today’s consumers, especially the youth, crave innovative and immersive experiences, and HAILEY K is our answer to that demand,” said Mavis Toh, Retail and Marketing Director of Maxi-Cash. 

When asked why a virtual avatar was used to be the voice of sustainable fashion, Toh told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that HAILEY K would help the brand decrease its carbon footprint from photoshoots and travel when human talents are used. Additionally, a virtual avatar would allow for more consistent brand messaging which allows Maxi-Cash to better safeguard their brand. 

“AI should be seen as a tool that can enhance the creative process, streamline production, and provide a unique ‘voice’ for a brand that you normally cannot with a human influencer,” Toh explained.

To raise awareness of its new virtual personality, HAILEY K will be promoted through social and digital assets with Maxi-Cash also exploring OOH platforms to increase reach and impact among commuters. 

Toh also said that artificial intelligence plays a pivotal role in helping retailers remain relevant and connect with their young consumers by creating personalised shopping experiences. 

“This includes product recommendations, personalised marketing messages and tailored promotions. AI can also be used for real-time customer support and chatbots where instant assistance is highly valued by young consumers who are accustomed to digital interactions,” Toh added.

Virtual influencers seem to be in demand as Indonesian metahuman technology company, GENEXYZ has recently closed its seed funding of US$1 million, led by East Ventures which it aims to use for the expansion of business outreach in the Southeast Asian market as well as to develop more interactive technology to connect with relevant communities.

GENEXYZ launched several new IPs for its metahumans which include the recent launch of a male character that will be used for various branding and educational purposes as the company focuses on developing its businesses globally.

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